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Belle Fleur Lavender Farm

Our Lavender Farm

Situated in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Belle Fleur Lavender is grown on a family property in the village of Hill Top which is approximately 600m above sea level. This altitude allows the successful cultivation of a wide selection of lavender varieties, including lavandula angustifolia ‘swampy’, lavandula x intermedia ‘grosso’ and lavandula x intermedia ‘abrialli’. Over the years we have found that lavender has responded most favourably to the natural environment of the region.
In September 2000, we planted our first 600 lavender plants, initially incorporating six varieties and increasing this number each year. Today our main crop grown is Grosso, which we dry and strip for use in our heat packs and sachets, and "Swampy" which we distill for oil, and also dry for culinary use.

At present our farm is closed for winter as our lavender crop is only summer flowering, but watch this page for opening times in the summer when the lavender is in flower.