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What makes Belle Fleur Lavender special?

We make all our products from the highest quality lavender that we carefully select, grow and handpick ourselves, ensuring quality control at all stages of production – from our farm to your home.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils for the promotion of psychological and physical well-being.

What makes Belle Fleur aromatherapy creams and lotions different?

Our entire aromatherapy range is carefully formulated – using all natural Australian ingredients wherever possible – with quality lavender essential oils, to retain the true fragrance and beneficial properties of lavender. Beautifully packaged and presented, our aromatherapy products are unique gifts for those seeking a little luxury and relaxation among the rush of every day living.

What is an essential oil?

An essential oil is one that has been distilled and extracted from plant material. It contains the characteristic aroma of the plant and may contain vitamins, antibiotics or antiseptics.

How safe is the use of lavender essential oil?

Lavender essential oil is very safe when used correctly however all essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used in moderation. Lavender oil should never be taken internally, nor should it be used to treat children under 18 months, but there are many ways of using essential oils beneficially.

Are lavender products suitable for everyone?

Almost anyone can use our lavender products, as they are formulated to suit all skin types and are especially gentle on sensitive skin.

Are Belle Fleur Lavender products safe to use on children?

We recommend the use of our lavender products on children above the age of 18 months.

Will Belle Fleur Lavender be introducing a range designed specifically for infants?

Yes, we will release our new ‘Baby’ range in the future. Our current range of lavender and chamomile soap is also safe for use on babies and people with sensitive skin.